Solar panels can collect their fair share of dust and dirt over time. Bird droppings, sticky grime—there’s a lot that can accumulate on your solar panels and affect their performance.

A simple method of making your solar panels work as good as new is by cleaning them.

But, with the design of your solar panels being as delicate as it is, you can’t simply take your dust buster and sweep the dirt away!

The Optimal Way of Cleaning Your Solar Panels

Keep in mind that if you live in a region which receives rainfall, you may not really need to clean your solar panels at all. Occasional rain is usually enough to safely and naturally clean your panels and keeping them free of debris.

However, for those who live in a dry, dusty region, here are some things you can do to keep them grime-free.

– Clearing Dust Particles

Dust and dirt can form micro-scratches on the surface of the panels, which can reduce your panel’s ability to perform at full capacity. If your panels are in an accessible space, use a squeegee and a warm water and soap solution to clear the dirt away from the surface. Don’t use any other fabric, otherwise it might cause streaks and further damage to the glass.

– Clearing Oil Stains

Especially if you live near an airport or a common truck route, you will find oil stains across your solar panels. If that’s the case, use a microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol and dab gently to remove the stains. Avoid using any strong cleaning fluids, since that will increase the damage already done to your panel.

Find the Right Time

Timing is everything when it comes to cleaning solar panels.

Ideally, the right time would be on an overcast day, or in early morning or at dusk. Given that cleaning your panels on a sunny day will cause water to evaporate on your panels quickly thus leaving smears, you don’t want to end up with more work than what the task already warrants.

A Note on Flat Panels

Unlike regular solar panels, flat panels do not have a path through which water can be drained. Pooled water, debris, dust and other particles can cause major damage to your solar panels and can affect their performance. If you have flat panels, either put them in a frame or at a 10-degree angle or hire a professional team to clean the panel regularly.

Need Help with Your Solar Panels?

Have solar panels in an inaccessible area of the house? Contact a professional cleaning service in your area.

Companies such as Splash Window Cleaning and Solutions offer solar panel cleaning services in the Bay Area, CA along with other cleaning services including window cleaning as well as power washing.

Get in touch with them. Use the right tricks and methods to benefit from an optimally working solar panel system!