While homeowners investing in outdoor pools go to great lengths to ensure impeccable design and functionality, they tend to take safety for granted. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are an average of 351 fatal child drowning incidents each year. In addition, the percentage of adult injuries caused by pool mishaps has also increased worldwide.

In contrast, homeowners who take the right protective and safety measures reap the benefits of incredible pool ambience, relaxation, and endless fun with their little ones without running into accidents.

We’ve got you covered with the ultimate guide to pool safety that ensures your friends and family stay safe while having a great time!

1. Invest in Pool Barriers and Safety Equipment

State-of-the-art pool technology? Done.

Soft pastel-colored LED pool lights? Absolutely!

Pool barriers and safety equipment? Still in limbo.

While you may have taken care of virtually everything that boosts curb appeal and improves your pool experience, it’s essential that you invest in secure pool barriers and safety equipment at the earliest. Most pool owners without kids tend to skip this safety measure. However, it’s equally essential to secure the pool with proper fencing to prevent mishaps caused by aggressive drinking at pool parties.

We recommend investing in permanent and removable pool fences. Secure your pool with safety equipment—including nets, alarms, and covers—for further protection.

2. Keep Children Under Supervision At All Times!

 Safety Equipment

If you have children, actively supervising them at all times is non-negotiable. While fences, and pool covers will prevent them from stumbling upon the pool area, it’s important that you trace their movement even when it seems like you have a green light.

Consider it like driving a car—you look away for a few seconds and someone could swerve across your path in an instant.

Whether you’re accompanying your child in the pool or outside, keep an eye on them at all times to prevent unexpected mishaps.

3. Learn About Water Safety

Equip yourself with insight into water safety rules and regulations to not only prevent accidents, but also promptly respond to water emergencies should they occur.

We also recommend taking a CPR certification course and learning more about water safety from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

4. Set Ground Rules

Establish ground rules for children, including restricting their access to the pool by setting timings and disallowing high-risk activities in or near the pool. This is especially important if you have teenagers who may indulge in smoking, hover-boarding, or drinking near the pool. Disallow diving, swimming in the deep end of the pool, and running in the pool perimeter.

5. Keep Furniture Away From the Pool


One of the most important steps that’s easily overlooked is keeping all furniture away from the pool. This will prevent children from climbing on furnishings and getting a boost beyond the fence.

We also recommend ensuring your pool fencing is a minimum of four feet high with narrow spacing to prevent children from squeezing through. As a rule of thumb, keep all lounging chairs at a safe distance from the pool.

6. Always Keep a First Aid Kit Handy

Keep a swimming pool first aid kit near the pool at all times for easy access in case of emergencies. Ensure the kit includes a laminated brochure with visual instructions that are easy to grasp for children aged 10 or above.

The kit should also include compress dressings, antiseptic wipes, ice packs, and bandages.

7. Invest in Weekly Pool Maintenance

Weekly Pool Maintenance

Weekly pool maintenance will go a long way in ensuring pool health, thereby keeping everyone safe. We recommend checking the water depth and marking it to ensure kids don’t get hurt by jumping too vigorously in the shallow area.

Adjust chemical levels frequently to further minimize risk of injuries. We also recommend ensuring all equipment and pool devices are installed by professional pool contractors.

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