Nothing adds to the aesthetic value of a home like a pristine, spotless, and well-polished floor. No matter how much you spend on sourcing the finest-looking furniture, your living room won’t look its best if the flooring looks dull.

A well-maintained floor prevents slips and falls, is easy to clean, and lasts a long time.

Here’s how you can bolster the aesthetic value of your living room’s flooring:

Floor repairs

Embellishments and decorations are important. But they won’t do anything to make up for a floor that’s chipped, cracked, or creaky. You can’t even effectively polish flooring if it has cracks.

Irrespective of how expensive your flooring was, it will start deteriorating after a certain point. The damage is even more prominent if the floor is subjected to high foot-traffic and not maintained well.

Over time, you’ll realize that the repairs are recurrent and expensive, and that it’s best to just get the flooring replaced altogether. Hardwood floors, in particular, need to be refinished completely when they experience long-term wear.

If your floor has deteriorated over time due to excess moisture, try moisture mitigation. It’s particularly useful if the slab has not dried properly during installation.

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Decorative floor accessories

Decorative area rugs serve multiple purposes. You can match them with other items in the living room—as well as the color of the room—to add personality to it. They dress up your floor, hiding any imperfections like cracks and chips. They also make the entryway look more welcoming. Above all, they warm your feet.

Other than rugs, you could decorate the floor using plants, decorative easels, and small fans if you’re aiming for a vintage look.

If you’re looking to make the floor look more appropriate for seating, put up small ottoman puffs, bean bags, large pillows, and comfortable stools. These look trendier than a couch and can be found in a wide range of patterns, designs, and colors.

Epoxy metallic coating

Metallic epoxy flooring is a top choice for floor decoration due to its uniqueness. Epoxy flooring is a technique that offers a unique blend of multiple colors—of your choice—along with unique patterns and designs.

You can also blend in pearlescent and glitter-like pigments to make your design stand out. All of these pigments are mixed with epoxy resin and poured onto the floor in different ways to create a spectacular finish.

You can discuss the look you want with your service provider and they will mix in the required solvents accordingly. This mixture is different for each client, and is what leads to a unique product each time.

The final product looks highly shiny and glossy, and is also slip-resistant. Metallic epoxy flooring works as a durable option for both offices and homes, and is particularly suited to giving your living room a renewed look.

One of the biggest advantages of epoxy coating is that you can add it to your existing concrete floor to give it a shiny finish. Whether your use case is residential or industrial , CSS Coatings is the right service for you.

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