MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) systems are used for flooring processes where the application temperature is low and has a fast curing time. MMA is basically an acrylic resin that goes over a substrate, a body coat and a top coat for the final finishing. The resin also consists of a primer. The purpose of an MMA-based resin is to provide inter-coat adhesion.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about MMA flooring.

How long does the MMA system take to dry?

The MMA system is especially known for its fast curing time. The floor can become functional a few hours after the finishing has been applied. This is not usually possible with epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems. The average cure time is usually two to three hours and it may vary depending on the area covered.

This is why MMA systems are widely used in fast turnaround flooring, traffic building, and anti-slip pedestrian walkways. They are also used for crack-bridging applications in high traffic areas. This is because these areas can’t be closed for traffic for too long.

What preparations are needed?

You don’t need a lot of mechanical preparation prior to the MMA application. The existing floor materials don’t have to be removed to make way for the new application either. This is because the acrylic resin has strong bonding properties and enables the coat to adhere to the substrate easily.

The application of the MMA resin itself creates a surface that the resin can stick to easily. Once the top coating has been applied to seal the finishing, there are little or no chances of it coming off.

How strong is the MMA resin?

The MMA resin creates a monolithic and strong surface that’s hardly susceptible to developing cracks or seams. Since the resin is impervious and waterproof, any liquid spills, moisture, oil, or other industry-specific spills have no impact on the integrity of the floor. This is also why there’s a minimal need for maintenance with MMA floors.

Other than that, both, the thickness and slip-resistance are customizable. You can get the finishing covered with the pigments and flakes of your choice to add a decorative effect.

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