Ever considered the fire safety of your garage? If not, you should definitely keep on reading. And if yes, you should still keep on reading!

Garage fires are more common than you think. And you can never go overboard with the fire safety precautions.

Taking a proactive approach towards fire safety can prevent untold amounts of damage and prevent it from spreading to your house.

Here are three tips to fireproof your garage that you should follow to ensure that your garage remains smoke-free (read: fireproof):

Tip#1: Keep your garage clean—it’s not a storage room!  

People often use a garage to store various stuff, including common household stuff like lawnmowers and charcoal lighter fluid for a barbeque grill.

It may seem harmless to store these items in the garage, but it’s actually not. In fact, these items, particularly flammable liquids, present a huge fire hazard.

All it takes is one spark from, say, a power tool or your vehicle to put your garage into flames in a matter of seconds.

Remove flammable liquids and all unnecessary items, even cardboard boxes from your garage (store these items separately, away from your home).

Keep your garage clean and clutter-free to minimize the risk of fire hazard.

Tip#2: Don’t forget the electrical safety

One of the top reasons for electric fires is overloaded electrical outlets, which can generate heat, damage the internal wiring system and ultimately ignite a fire.


If you’re a car enthusiast and love to work with power tools in your garage, it’s important to keep the electric safety in check.

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Make sure to install electrical outlets to avoid overloading them. This will also help you minimize the usage of extension cords, which also present a fire hazard.

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Tip#3: Install fireproof features to your garage 

The best way to fireproof your garage is… simply fireproofing your garage. No matter how much caution you exercise, the risk of fire always remains present. Therefore, it’s critical that you add fireproof features to your garage.

Using floorboards and wallboards with fire performance abilities can be a great addition to your garage and help you prepare against potential fire hazards.

The fireboards and non-combustible sheathing boards will also minimize the possibility of a fire in the garage reaching the house, which will keep your property protected and give you complete peace of mind.

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