Choosing the right gutter system for your property is a lot more complicated than you may think. If you’re new to installing or replacing a gutter system, there are multiple factors that you need to be aware of, in order to pick the right option—whether it’s for residential purposes or commercial purposes. The first and the most basic decision that you’ll need to make will be to choose whether to go with a commercial gutter or a residential gutter.
Whatever the option you move forward with, your choice will be largely be based on the type of property you own.
Here are some differences between commercial and residential gutters to help you out.

Installation procedures

Residential gutters are mounted at the corners of the roof, which is typically hipped or gabled. On the other hand, commercial gutters are installed on the roofs because they are comparatively larger and flatter.


The materials used in the fabrication of gutters are usually similar for both residential and commercial purposes. However, there is a wider variety of materials available in the markets for residential gutters because of a greater demand. Owners of commercial buildings or small industries usually look for gutters that offer higher performance. Whatever the case, aluminum, copper, and galvanized stainless steel are among the most commonly used materials by both homeowners and commercial building owners.

Different styles, lengths, and widths

Residential gutters are different than commercial gutters when it comes to their appearance and size.For instance, most homeowners prefer installation K-shaped, U-style, or half round gutters, where as business owners usually prefer to have box gutters installed for a sleeker look.
gutter styles

Legal requirements

Different states have different regulations and building codesrelated to the installation of gutter systems on residential and commercial properties. For instance, some states have specific regulations for how much a homeowner can extend their gutter drainage on their yard. Some laws also specify gutter sizes where homes are located close to one another.
On the other hand, commercial gutter systems may be required to have a specific size and width for proper flow of water and protection of businesses in the vicinity. They may also have regulations related to cleanliness and maintenance.
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