Deep Cleaning Your Home

If you come back from work to a house the looks like the “before” images of a Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, then you have a problem.

A messy and cluttered house not only looks unappealing, but it also impacts your mental and physical well being. Clutter is known to trigger stress and anxiety, which in turn affects other aspects of your life too.

Once the mess gets out of hand, your house may become less functional. You’ll avoid cooking because that’ll mean you’ll have to do the dishes. You’ll wear the same clothes over and over again because doing laundry is too much work. Before you know it, you’ll stop inviting friends inside because you don’t want them to see how you’re living.

Regular cleaning can keep your house organized and sanitary. If you don’t have the time to tidy up your place yourself, consider hiring a cleaning company that offers deep cleaning service.

Here’s what deep cleaning your home involves:

1. Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen

Your kitchen should ideally be cleaned every night after dinner. Deep cleaning focuses on the larger appliances and the surfaces in your kitchen.

  • Start with your refrigerator. Go from the top and take everything out. Clean every shelf as you go. If your fridge has removable components, take them out and clean them. Wipe the small shelves in the door with disinfectant, as well as the outside of the fridge and the handles.
  • Unless you have a self-cleaning oven, you’re going to have to do it yourself. Get an oven cleaner and start scrubbing.
  • Microwave ovens need to be cleaned thoroughly or else they become a hotbed for germs.
  • Clean out small appliances like toasters, sandwich makers, waffle iron, etc. Wipe down their services.
  • Counter-tops: Remove everything from the counters and wipe down with an all-purpose cleaner.


2. Deep Cleaning Your Bathroom

Bathrooms need to be cleaned regularly or else they can quickly become unhygienic. The tub and shower are the hardest part of cleaning bathrooms. Clean the shower head with a light scrub and bathroom. Use heavy-duty cleaners to scrub mildew from the tub and a brush to scrub the faucets.

3. Wipe down the Furniture and Fixtures

The furniture and surfaces of every room will need to be wiped down with surface cleaners and furniture polish. Make sure to get the crevasses in your headboard, dresser, etc. and other areas that may trap dust.

When you’re deep cleaning you’ll also have to reach out to clean and wash light fixtures as well.

4. Deep Cleaning Your Floors

Deep Cleaning Your Floors

Vacuum and mop your floors thoroughly. Use a smaller broom to gather the dirt built up around corners and the edge of the floors.

Don’t want to go through the trouble of cleaning your house yourself? Hiring professional house cleaning services instead!

Sanctified Cleaning offers various deep cleaning services that include residential cleaning, housekeeping, and move-in cleaning. They use non-toxic products to clean your home to keep it toxin-free.

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