You shouldn’t have to worry about your garage door as often. You expect it to be sturdy, long lasting and to routinely open up and close whenever you need it to.

However, like everything else, your garage door also has a breaking point if not regularly inspected and repaired for minor faults.

Your garage door can give up at any point in time, credited to its complex functionalities and structure. All of us know that this can cause a serious security concern for everyone in your home.

It can get shut tight, it might refuse to open etc. It’ll either leave you stranded in the dead cold when you come back from work or prevent you from accessing your car early in the morning.

Most people also use their garage as a storage place. Hence, if the garage door doesn’t close properly, it is an open invitation for thieves and burglars.

How Do People Mess Up With Their Garage Doors?

Bumping into your garage door isn’t something unusual. Most homeowners and drivers do it often. People accidentally back into their garage while taking their car out, which can damage the panel.

Some amateur drivers also often hit the brakes instead of the accelerator, which can result into a damaged garage door.

The problem isn’t bumping into your garage door. The problem is the intensity and frequency of these incidents. The trick is to know what you need to do when you finally manage to get your garage door halfway through. Here’s what needs to be done:

Get Your Garage Door Inspected

Most garage doors start showing signs of wear way before they give up. Being able to identify and address these signs of damage in its early stage is important to avoid any major inconvenience later on.

If you notice even the slightest damage in your garage door, you should consult an expert to diagnose the issue. A good rule of thumb is to consult a professional at least twice a year.

Putting The Garage Door Back In Its Track

When you hit the garage door at a specific angle or with a particular force, it can come off from its tracks. When that happens, you won’t be able to close or open the door. Until and unless you’re a garage door expert, you shouldn’t repair it all by yourself.

Catering To A Noisy Garage Door

If your garage door makes squealing, grinding or screeching noises when closing or opening, it might be because of the accumulating debris in its tracks. It could also be running low on lubricant.

Once you’ve cleaned the track, coat it with a lubricant.

If these steps don’t stop the noises, it might be the time to call in a garage door professional.

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