Winter months can be really harsh on your flooring. Plus, waking up to a cold floor can be really irritating. What you need is a flooring solution that’s durable, resilient, and protects your floors from winter damage as much as possible. 

The term “weather resistant” encompasses not only water resistance, but also resistance to damage from salt, mud, sand, snow, etc., that is often tracked into your home! 

Common flooring options for the winters

While there many flooring options available in the market, some are more durable than others. Let’s look at some flooring options that people typically use:

Carpet flooring

Perhaps the easiest way to warm up your home is carpet flooring. It insulates your rooms—keeping the high heating costs at bay. Plus, carpets provide a comfortable surface to walk on. 

Unfortunately, carpet flooring comes with a host of maintenance issues, especially in the winters where mud and snow tracked inside the house can permanently ruin your carpets.


Tile flooring

A popular flooring solution for bathrooms and kitchens is tile flooring. Tiles are usually sealed with a glaze, preventing moisture from penetrating. However, the grout between the tiles becomes tricky to clean and maintain for a lot of consumers.

Plus, over a long period of time, moisture eventually penetrates the grout if left untreated. 

Our top choice: metallic epoxy flooring

It’s difficult to find a flooring solution that stands the test of time. While every type of flooring has some disadvantage or the other, a metallic epoxy coating floor rises above its counterparts in terms of durability.

Metallic epoxy coating has glitter-like pigments that are mixed with epoxy resin and poured into the floor or substrate. The epoxy eventually hardens, giving the floor a seamless, three-dimensional look. 

However, aesthetic appeal isn’t the only thing great about epoxy floors; they are also anti-fatigue and highly resistant to just about anything—oil, bleach, cleansers, snow and mud. 

What’s more is that these floors are resistant to germs and bacteria, making them very easy to sanitize—an essential factor if you have crawling toddlers in the house!


If durability wasn’t enough, epoxy floors also last longer than other types of flooring options. They can last for decades without peeling or cracking. 

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