The wiring in your home feeds power to every electrical device, and over time, parts of it can deteriorate or sustain damage, presenting a serious shock or fire hazard.

Homes that are 30 years or older are likely to have old and outdated wiring that isn’t designed to work with a modern homeowner’s lifestyle. Therefore, unless your home is newly constructed, it’s worthwhile to consult a licensed electrician to inspect the wiring in your walls.

Here are some common hazards that outdated wiring poses:

Knob and Tube Wiring

If you live in an older building or a heritage home, you’re probably living with an antique wiring system known as knob-and-tube wiring. This old-fashioned wiring system has copper conductors that run through the house framing, supported with knob insulators and tubes along the length. The insulators keep the wires—a white neutral wire and a black hot wire—from touching combustible materials.

Since the wires are single-insulated, they can easily be compromised and become hazardous as a result of age-prompted fraying. Moreover, it’s usually difficult to differentiate between the neutral and hot wires because both are essentially black with dust and dirt.

Low Amp Wiring

Think of how fast technology has evolved, filling our homes with a lot more devices and appliances than before. However, is our wiring system designed to support this? Older wiring may not be able handle smart devices and large equipment because circuits back in the day (40, 30 or even 20 years ago) were often rated to hold lower amps than what today’s modern devices require. This means that these circuits can easily be overloaded, leading to a potential electrical fire.

Adding more outlets and circuit interrupters into old breakers are some of the best precautions that you can take to prevent extensive damage.

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Poor Electrical Design

Another problem that old electrical systems pose is poor design. Electrical standards have changed significantly over the years, and there’s a good chance that your wiring system doesn’t meet current safety requirements.

Live wires behind walls, damaged switches and loose connections can be the root of a dangerous fire hazard. Your best bet is to schedule an inspection with a reliable electrical company like Integrity Electrical Services. They provide professional electrical services in Wilmington, MA, ranging from electrical repair services to smart home installation.

If you think your facility might be at risk of outdated wiring, act quick and call Integrity Electrical Services today at 978.761.5978 or schedule their electrical service online.