While you can run into plumbing issues throughout the year, the winter season brings with it a new set of problems.

To combat these issues, it’s best that homeowners act preemptively and call in a professional plumbing service to get a full plumbing check-up before the cold weather sets in.

Here are some common winter plumbing issues you may run into:

Frozen Pipes

Any areas of your plumbing system can freeze if it’s left unprotected from the harsh winter elements. Water freezes during the winter, causing the pipe to expand and bend in different ways, which ultimately leads the pipe to rupture.

The risks of a frozen pipe that’s begun leaking exceed far beyond just loss of water. Leaking pipes can cause mold infestations due to seepage, which can have adverse health effects. The most common hazards of black mold are associated with respiratory problems—i.e. chronic coughing, sneezing, and irritation to the mucous membranes of the nose and throat.

Clogged Gutters

The winter season can place a great strain on your home’s drain system. If you neglect cleaning your gutters before the snow sets in, you run the risk of damaging your gutters permanently.  Not only will your gutters contain older debris from the fall season, but it will also have a mixture of water as well as fresh debris. This amalgam can get too heavy for the gutters to handle.

Over the winter season, your gutter will sag, causing irreparable damage. You may end up having to spend a considerable amount on installing a new gutter system.

Septic Tank Bursts

A septic tank is an underground tank that collects sewage and treats it through the process of biological decomposition and drainage.

The winter runs the risk of a frozen septic tank. Just as with the pipes, the line leading from your home or building can freeze over and cause a bulge, which can ultimately lead to a leak. The tank could burst, causing contaminants to escape the tank, and spreading diseases such as hepatitis, typhoid fever, and stomach viruses.

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