Winters are a time where most people spend their days indoors. However, since the festivities and New Year celebrations don’t stop you from heading outside, why should this season hold you back from enjoying time on your patio?

Most homeowners tend to store their patio furniture away for the winter season. However, if you’re living in an area that experiences milder winters, make the most of this season! 

The experts at PatioHQ have covered some of the best ways to make your patio more inviting and cozy this winter:

Fire features are a must

Fire features are a must in all patios—and they’re definitely a must-have feature for the winter season. Summer and spring evenings can also get chilly, depending on which part of the country you’re living in. 

Fire features are now very easy to include on your patio. You don’t have to get a fire pit built or firewood to be stored for the cold weather. Fire tables are an innovative way to add warmth to an outdoor space. They also add to the aesthetic of the patio with its sleek design. 

fire pit

Add cushions to your furniture

Metallic patio furniture can quickly absorb heat and cold, depending on the weather. Icy furniture is going to be anything but welcoming! Make sure your patio furniture is covered with soft cushions to make it cozier and more comfortable.

Throw cushions on a rug also make for a great seating arrangement for wintertime. Additional sofa pillows make the area more welcoming and you can add pops of color to combat the bleakness of the weather.

Have blankets on hand

You’re bound to feel the chill once you’ve gotten comfy on your patio sofa. Always have blankets on hand in your patio to keep warm. You could also use blankets to cover your patio furniture and make them warm and cozy to sit on. 

Light up the area

A dull area will only emphasize the cold. Light up your patio to give the illusion of warmth. Yellow lights are known to make an area warm. Invest in adjustable lighting so it can be changed for the winter and summer. 

Outdoor lanterns are another great way to add light to your patio. Outdoor lanterns also work as mini heaters for the area. Invest in multiple outdoor lanterns and place them wherever you need extra warmth. 

Add potted plants

Potted plants may not seem like the obvious solution to making a patio cozier, but they work! Plants give the illusion of a garden. There are many options for vertical planters that you can get for your patio. Evergreen plants are the best to get for this time of year. They give the illusion of warmer weather and add life to a patio. 

Outdoor rugs

Another great way to make an outdoor space cozier is the addition of rugs. Fluffy rugs trap the warmth and add color to a patio. Place these rugs underneath the patio furniture to help demarcate the area. 

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