When it comes to window treatments, you’ll never be short of choices and options; be it in color, material, type or design. The right treatments are imperative for consistency in the interior décor, not to mention for enhancing the ambiance of the room, which is why you need customized window coverings.

Whether you’re designing a newly-bought home or remodeling an old, this is why it’s time to ditch the store-bought coverings and invest in the custom ones.

Reflect Your Personal Style

Sure, you can find the curtains in a design that you like but will you find them in the finish you love? When it comes to texture and finishing, you may not be able to find as many options as you like and that’s where custom windows add value.

You can pick any fabric, color and textures that reflect your personality and offer you more flexibility.

Match with the Décor

It may take you ages before you find a color or a design that goes with the rest of your décor. The color palette, as well as the scheme of furnishings and accessories on the wall can all be tied together by a blind or a drape of the matching color that looks cohesive.

Instead of making multiple trips to the market or searching online, just pick your own material and order custom windows that are an ideal fit for your room.

Keep it Consistent

When you have multiple windows in different shapes and sizes, one treatment won’t fit all of them. You may need to choose shutters for small windows, blinds for the taller ones and drapes for one’s that open out to the front yard or patio.


In that case, finding consistency in multiple options will become a huge hassle and even if you find the same colors, you may have trouble finding exact shapes and sizes. With custom windows, all you need to do is place an order by providing the dimensions of the windows and your pick of material. No more frantic searching at online stores!

Since you’re buying custom windows from the manufacturer directly, you can also ensure the quality of the material and keep track of the manufacturing process. Your manufacturer can also guide you on financing options and show you more options without having you go above the budget.

If you’re based in California and looking for custom window treatments, you’re in luck. Creative Window Coverings is one of the best names in custom windows, rollers shades, blinds, plantation shutters and draperies.

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