According to the U.S. Department of Labor, slip and fall accidents account for the majority of general industry accidents. According to the statistics, almost 15% of such accidents are fatal.

The number of slip and fall accidents in the workplace can be regulated if more attention was paid to making floors more slip-resistant. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, 85% of the time, slick floors were to be blamed for accidents.
Follow these suggestions and save yourself and your employees from getting injured.

Remove Clutter from Walking Surfaces

Minimizing obstruction on a walking path greatly reduces the chances of an employee slipping and injuring themselves. Moreover, it reduces the risk of an employee spilling something on the floor surface and creating a slipping hazard.

Placing Signs

Placing signs to warn employees of potential problem areas will help them be more cautious and avoid getting injured.
Moreover, you can use reflective tape to highlight problem areas such as steps, gaps and uneven flooring.

Maintain Your Floors

Maintaining your floors properly will increase longevity and also ensures the safety of those who walk on it daily.
Regular cleaning and maintenance mean spills can be taken care of immediately. Sometimes, if a spill is allowed to penetrate the surface of the floor, it can create an equally slippery surface even post clean-up.
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Make Use of Non-Skid rugs

If you feel you have a particularly problematic area on the floor surface, then you’re advised to place non-skid throw rugs over the area to prevent accidents from taking place. Be sure to purchase non-skid rugs or non-skid padding to be placed underneath a rug so that it doesn’t slip from underneath.
In addition to preventing falls, the rugs will add to the office’s aesthetic.

Installing Handrails

Accidents in stairways are scary and can cause a lot more damage than those on flat ground. It’s recommended that you take extra precautions when it comes to stairs and landings. Remove any unsecured rugs and add handrails that people can hold onto in case they trip.

Invest in the Right Kind of Flooring

To prevent this issue altogether, you must look into different flooring materials before setting up an office space. Generally, epoxy flooring is slip-resistant because of the decorative flakes and quartz, which give the floor its texture.
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