Many homeowners add a unique design element to their home to welcome a new season. And while you may be gravitating toward wooden furnishings or vintage decoration pieces, don’t underestimate the need for season-specific window treatments.

When it comes to choosing the right window coverings to accommodate every season, you want something that’s stunning and energy-efficient at the same time. You want it to have light filtration properties, as well as privacy control.

Here are some window covering ideas for every season:


As winter is already here, it seems only fitting to start with it.

For this season, luxurious drapery looks incredibly beautiful. Think about your personal style and choose colors that complement it best. Thick, velvet curtains for instance, will look quite glamorous.

You could also add decorative trims and tassels to the curtains, as they will make them look dressy and add a sophisticated touch to your room. If you’ve got tall windows, consider adding a thermal lining to your drapes.


Roman shades are great for spring because they not only offer light control, but are also available in countless designs and color palettes.

Stay true to the season and choose intricate floral patterns in pastels or bright colors—whatever blends in with the interior of your home best. Roman shades will give your home a sleek, yet simple look!

If you’re looking for a window covering that doesn’t completely block out the spring sunshine, but offers you light control at the same time, Roman shades are your best option.


For summer, wood blinds are ideal.

Not only are they known for their classic beauty, but they also have the unique ability to complement virtually any type of interior décor. You can choose between real or faux wood, and they also come in an endless array of paints, stains, and finishes.

Wood blinds also effectively block sunlight, and that’s what we all want during summer. Because let’s be honest, we all love the sun shining through our windows, but not all the time.



Fall is all about the arrival of crisp, fresh air and a rustic natural ambiance. The best way to invite the richness of this season into your home is to choose window coverings like shades or drapes.

Choose stunning shades of deep orange or mustard yellow and incorporate them into your printed drapes or shades. The fall twilight glimmering through these window coverings will bring a translucent glow to your home.

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