Backer boards are a great substrate material for tile installation. They are hard, flat and buckle down well; this stability allows you to adhere tiles easily onto them using a thinset mortar, creating a level and consistent tile surface.

What’s more is that tile backer boards made from Magnesium Oxide Oxysulphate (MOS) provide excellent dimensional stability, bending strength and moisture resistance, making them an excellent option for high moisture areas and underfloor heating systems—they don’t contract or expand when subject to temperature change.


Backer boards can be used for all kinds of tile jobs, including walls, counters, and floors. They are also used for thin exterior brick and stone. Companies sometimes manufacture backer board sheets with a smoother side for ceramic-tile mastic and the rougher side for thinset mortar.

Let’s look at some benefits of using tile backer boards:

Water proof

Builders mostly install tile backer boards in wet areas; these include entry ways, laundry rooms, mudrooms, bathrooms and even kitchen backsplash. The moisture-resistant properties of backer boards prevents them from swelling or rotting over time, compared to traditional materials like fiber cement boards, plasterboards and plywood that can disintegrate or break when wet.

Unlike substrates that are susceptible to mold, if moisture penetrates thorough the joints or cracks, backer boards developed with Sulfate MgO board technology—like the ones provided by MagMatrix—don’t pose these problems. Ideal for walls surrounding bathtubs and showers, these backer boards can even undergo several finishes if installed as per the recommended guidelines.

Excellent load bearing capacities

MgO tile backer boards provide outstanding strength and flexibility owing to the layers of alkaline-resistant mesh of glass fiber.

Tile backer boards can hold substantially more weight compared to traditional wall surfaces. Plus, they’re designed with the purpose of adhesion, which is why the bond created with grout and adhesive is far stronger than materials like plywood.


The MagMatrix TileBacker Boards aremanufactured through inorganic substances and cured naturally through cold fusion compared to competitive products that use autoclaving technology. Plus, the MgO tile backer boards don’t contribute to the CO2 emissions and provide a safe environment to live in, in addition to being an ideal surface to tile onto.

Not only do these backer boards have low impact on the environment, but they are non-toxicand free from formaldehyde and asbestos.

MagMatrix is a renowned supplier of non-combustible wallboards and MgO tile backer boards. Shop their products here, or get in touch with them for more information.