Old homes may look enchanting and quaint, but they hide a dark secret: faulty plumbing.

Because they’ve been around for so long, their water system can get compromised due to corroded pipes, tree root intrusions, as well as pipe leakages. Moreover, the fixtures are often outdated, requiring complete replacements.

If you live in a delightfully dingy house, here are a few reasons why your kitchen drains keep clogging.

1. The Absence of a Vent Pipe

Many properties that have been around for a long time lack vent pipes. However, vent pipes are crucial when it comes to preventing pipes from clogging. This is a pipe that runs from a plumbing fixture to the roof of your house. They allow pressure from the plumbing system to escape.

Old homes that lack such pipes risk the buildup of harmful sewer gases in living spaces. Such gases are deemed health hazards, since they can take cause dizziness, headaches, or other symptoms.

Furthermore, the absence of vent pipes makes your drains more susceptible to clogging. Venting allows for air to enter the pipes. When enough air enters the vent, it allows water and waste to drain away properly.

Pro Tip: To find out whether enough air is reaching your kitchen pipes, keep an ear out for gurgling sounds when water is draining down the sink. This can help you be proactive about the issue.

2. Tree Root Intrusions

While having an old tree near your house may add to the aesthetic beauty of your house, it can wreak havoc on your plumbing.

If you’ve had an old tree on your property for a while, you may already know that a tree root intrusion is a severe issue when it comes to plumbing.  Tree roots are strong and resilient and can destroy the structural integrity of any plumbing system.

They not only compromise the overall flow of water in your house, but will also contaminate the water.


3. Out-Dated Pipes

Just like any material, plumbing fixtures are prone to wear and tear. The disintegration of pipes is most common in old structures. Pipes become rusted, break apart, or sag, which leads to clogged drains.

Since these pipes can be tricky to locate, we recommend that you send call a professional plumbing service.

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The author of this blog, Owen Boots, works in close association with Your 1 Plumber. The company provides plumbing services to homes and offices throughout Columbia, Maryland.