Let’s face it, winters in London, ONaren’tnice—to put it mildly. They’re harsh and even cruel at times. They also prevent you from living your usual lifestyle.

And while you may already be making repairs and replacements around the house in preparation (we hope!), it’s important to know that winter can accelerate existing structural damage if not spotted on time.

If you’ve been living in London, ON for quite some time now, you’ve probably already experienced at least one of the following: ice dams, burst pipes, and slick stairways.

But there’s something else that can become a major hazard during the winter if you don’t fix it now—your roof!

Your roof plays a huge part in protecting you and your family from the weather—so it’s vital to spot leaks, platforms that can form ice dams, and other potential hazards during winter. In order to prevent damage befalling your roof during the snowy season, the following are some roof care tips that will keep your house safe and liveable:


Clear Any Debris Before Snow Falls

Are there any trees around your house? If so, the chances are that there are large amounts of broken branches, leaves, and debris on your roof. These can not only clog the gutters, but will also scratch, chip and damage the shingles on your roof.

Consider clipping overhanging branches surrounding your house in order to prevent damage during winter. Heavy snowfall can weigh down overhanging branches and break them, causing them to fall on your roof directly!

Insulation Inthe Attic

Proper insulation keeps your home warm during the winter and will keep heat trapped inside. This will prevent you from having to overuse your HVAC system and will also keep energy bills to a minimum.

Moreover, attic insulation will keep your roof warm—making snow and ice dams melt faster.

Clean Your Gutters

Drainage is an important aspect of mitigating ice and snow. If your gutters have been clogged with leaves, debris, and rocks, the chances are that you will have pools of water surrounding your house when the snow melts. Clogged drainage pipes will also result in ice damming in gutters and downspouts—trapping moisture around your house.

Inspect Your Roof

Regardless of how urgent it is, you should never climb the roof of your house by yourself. Ice, snow, and debris aren’t great at providing support. A DIY tip for inspecting your roof is to walk around the house and look for visible signs of sagging and leaks.

On the contrary, you can hire a professional roof repair and replacement service in London, ON! Himalaya Group Corp. is a leading provider of residential roofing services. Get in touch with them to know more about their services.