With a track record of servicing over 10 million customers, electric companies in Texas have effectively dealt with 988 power outages. These power outages happen for a variety of reasons, which include an overload in the grid, severe destruction from wind storms, falling trees, earthquakes, lightning, excavation digging, and high power demands.

Sudden power blackouts bring a variety of challenges with them, and can be a source of frustration and anxiety. Regardless of the weather, power outages are bound to make you and your family uncomfortable, and may even push you to take steps that aren’t safe.

Power outages—regardless of the reason behind them—are an emergency, and should be taken care of in an appropriate manner.

The following are some safety tips that will be helpful during a power outage:

Use Rechargeable Lights Instead Of Candles

Candles are the most convenient source of light during a power outage, especially if you don’t have charged emergency lights. However, candles can easily tip over and cause fired—more than a major inconvenience.

Using emergency lights instead is a great idea, just remember to keep fresh batteries, or recharge them when needed. Over time, the batteries in these lights leak acid that damages the light. So keep the batteries outside the compartment if needed.


Don’t Touch Your Fridge

Don’t worry, you won’t be electrocuted if you do.

But resisting the urge to constantly open the fridge during a power outage is the only way to prevent your food supplies from going bad.

Moreover, make sure the fridge is completely full instead of being half full. Food in a fully packed freezer can stay fresh for up for 48 hours, but the number goes way down when the space is half empty.

The frozen food and ice work like ice packs and make sure the space remains insulated, without the unit having to cool empty spaces.

Unplug All Your Appliances

During a power outage, electrical companies tend to check for power at intervals, which may end up in multiple surges of power throughout the electrical network. This surge—if it is high-powered—may destroy your appliances if they are plugged into the socket.

As soon as the power goes out, your first instinct should be to unplug all your appliances and switch off all the lights, bulbs, and fans. We usually advise our customers to only keep one lamp/light open so they know when the power is back.

Remove The Generator From Your Garage

Generators give off toxic carbon monoxide. Keeping one close to home will suffocate you and your family members and may prove to be fatal. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer.

It is a good idea to keep the generator at least 20 feet away from your home when it’s being used during a power outage.

By successfully adopting these safety precautions, you can and will safely live through a power outage.

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