If you own a self-storage facility, you know how daunting it can be to create awareness for your business. Self-storage businesses today attract all kinds of customers, from corporate clients to families, and you need to up you marketing game to win the race and stay ahead of your competition. Advertising is a primary activity that gives every business a kick start. It makes your potential customers aware of the product or service your business is offering and increases your sales and revenues.

While there’s a multitude of ways to captivate your target audience, not all of them can generate positive results. However, an LED self-storage sign always work. Customers tend to retain and recall the brands that capture their attention with a well-designed outdoor display, and an LED sign does exactly that for your storage facility.

Benefits of an Led Signage for Your Self-Storage Facility

In order to fill up those storage units in your facility, you need to let your target audience know that you have the space they require. Electronic Message Centers (EMC) that are built using high-quality LED lights, are crucial to increasing your brand’s recognition and awareness. These attractive, catchy, well-designed outdoor displays leave a mark on the brains of your potential customers.

You can add important messages and information on these signs that you want your customers to remember. For instance, you can put up a sales promotion or a holiday deal related message for some time and change it when you desire. While printed signage might cost you less upfront, it won’t offer the same liberty to making changes when required. Several researches prove that LED signs are one of the most cost-effective tools of marketing for both large and small-scale businesses.


The best part about EMCs is that they work all 365 days of a year non-stop—except if there is lack of maintenance, obviously! Additionally, LED signs consume less energy as compared to the signs built with regular lights. This means not only do these displays bring you new business, but they also cut down your costs and utility bills.

Because LED lights have a longer life than the regular incandescent lights, LED signage will continue to embellish your business for years with minimum maintenance and repair.

So, Bring in Some Traffic to Your Self-Storage Facility!

With all these benefits and a hundred more—an LED sign will certainly take your self-storage facility to new heights!

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