Remodeling a home isn’t limited to bedroom and living room upgrades. Bathrooms are often overlooked in remodeling projects because many homeowners don’t feel the need to modernize it as long as it’s offering functionality.

While most bathrooms offer the same purpose, décor and design can drastically affect your emotions and behaviors. This can make all the difference on the days when you wake up tired in the morning or come home after a long day and want to unwind in a warm bath.

If you’re finally convinced of the pros of a bathroom remodel, there are some key aspects we can help you out with. Let’s take a look!


Keeping a bathroom clean and clutter-free is half the job. Well-designed integrated storage allows you to keep necessity items at hand so when you run out of toilet paper or need emergency sanitary pads, you don’t have to yell out to other people in the house.


Apart from essentials, you can keep additional items such as make-up products, bathrobes and towels inside the bathroom. If you’re dealing with a small space, make sure that you install wall mounted shelves in vertical spaces, leaving the floor space free.

Art Display

Art pieces and paintings don’t have to be in the middle of the living room for everyone to see. If you want to make your bathroom space inquisitive and eclectic, put up a unique painting in the line of sight of the bathtub so you can enjoy the art while taking a bath. The experience can be relaxing and can create an air of thoughtfulness and creativity.


Gold Finish

If you’re dealing with a dull design, add a gold touch to the fixtures, shower fittings, taps and visible plumbing of your bathroom. This will give your bathroom a luxurious touch and make the otherwise unsightly pipes look like a seamless part of the design.



If you’re using the bathroom as a dressing room as well, make sure there’s plenty of lighting suitable to carry out a wide variety of tasks. From shaving and grooming to make-up and trying on new dresses, bathroom lighting will ensure efficient task completion.

Just make sure that lights are installed at the right spots, so they provide illumination where needed, keeping the lights out of your eyes.


Window Treatment

Window coverings aren’t only important in regards to natural light and ventilation but also offer privacy from onlookers and creepy neighbors. Your bath time should be enjoyable and the right window covering can ensure complete privacy along with healthy airflow.


Whether it’s the shower curtains or blinds above the bathtub, Creative Window Coverings can efficiently help you out. The company offers a wide range of window treatments, including Norman shutters, Woodbury shutter, plantation shutters, vertical blinds, sheer shades, custom draperies and window installations in California.

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