There is no strict set of guidelines and rules when it comes to creative design. The interior décor of a house depends on several influencing factors, such as the size of the room, its function, the structural design, available space, natural lighting and even consideration for inspection regulations.

When it comes to designing a nursery, a few additional aspects such as safety, practicality and convenience also become vital in finalizing the décor. Modern and contemporary design options have made it possible for parents to move away from traditional color schemes and furniture pieces, however, a few tips are still crucial; we’ll discuss the top six.

Stay Away From Tacky Furniture

The misconception that cribs or nursery furniture is temporary and offers no utility beyond the initial few months is one of the biggest hurdles in choosing an appropriate furniture design. When choosing a crib or corner chairs, keep the utility in mind instead of the aesthetic value. The size should be big enough that your toddler at three or four years of age can fit in easily.


Drop the Fancy Bedding

As a new parent, you must be excited to set-up the best nursery for your child. However, best often doesn’t translate to practical or useful. Instead of going overboard with expensive sheets and crib bedding, choose fabrics that are easy to wash and change.

Even with the constant care, there’s a possibility of diaper leaks, vomit and food spills, so make things easy for yourself, monetarily and in terms of feasibility.


Plan for Storage

Toys and play materials can pose a safety hazard, even when age-appropriate. With items lying around everywhere, your child may trip and fall, resulting in serious injuries. With designated shelves and storage options, you can store away the toys when they’re not in use.


Install Plenty of Lighting Fixtures

Lighting can be one of the deciding factors in helping your child sleep soundly at night. Make sure that the room has adjustable lighting options as well as dimmers, so you can switch to the preferred one according to the situation.

Leave Sufficient Floor Space

Once your child is able to crawl or walk, they’ll need space to play and roam around freely. Make sure that you’re not adding unnecessary items—with no real purpose—just for aesthetic value and therefore affecting the child’s mobility.

With floor space, your child can have floor playtime and carry out fun activities such as building pillow forts, freely.


Take Appropriate Safety Precautions

Safety is one of those things that can’t be compromised. Every item in the nursery should be age-appropriate if not completely risk-free. This includes toys, play materials, wall textures, hangings, window placement and window coverings.

Stay away from blinds and curtains that present choking or tangling hazards. Depending on the size and placement of the window, you can install shutters or blinds that offer consistency, durability and quality—so they don’t chip and crack.


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