Rendering is the application of plaster to external walls to give the walls a smooth finish. Additionally, rendering provides external walls with superior protection against the elements.

Home rendering projects have been done for centuries in North America and Europe. Over the last decade, these projects have also become quite popular in Australia.

If you’re planning to render your brick home, there are a few important considerations that you must weigh in. These considerations will help you get the best results from your rendering project.

How much rendering does my home need?

Rendering all all the walls is not always a value adding solution. Sometimes, pairing rendering with a quick paint job can be a much better idea and give your brick house the street appeal it needs to impress your guests and prospective buyers.

 house rendering

Which rendering company I should hire?

You’re likely to shortlist multiple companies for your project. Choosing the right company from this list is crucial for the success of your project. Select a company with experience, qualification, license, good reputation and one that’s willing to do the work within your budget.

Which rendering material should I choose for my home?

Generally, modern render materials can be divided into three main types: cement, acrylic and silicone.

  • Cement render costs the cheapest
  • Acrylic render offers the most variations in terms of finish and colour options
  • Silicone render is the most durable material on the list

Consult your rendering contractor to decide which rendering material is best suited for your project.

Do I require approval from the council to render my home?

Sometimes, homeowners are required to obtain permission from their local council before they can start rendering their house. Knowing if this obligation applies in your case is important to avoid any inconveniences down the road.

The last thing you want is your local council to come and tell you that the render you’ve done is in violation of the local codes, and you’ll have to take it down to avoid any penalties.