Due to human interference that’s caused global warming, most usable water is losing its purity day by day. Consequently, it won’t be long before we’re dealing with a worldwide water crisis.

How can we take the right steps to correct our mistakes and improve water quality? Let’s take a look.

Important Qualities of Usable Water

If you’ve ever bought bottled water, you may see the terms mineral-rich in the slogan. That’s because de-mineralized water is considered dead water, i.e., water that has been distilled, de-ionized and made to be free of all impurities. Common sense would dictate that this water should be good for you.

But according to a report by the World Health Organization, there are plenty of risks involved with the consumption of de-mineralized water, such as:

  • Direct effects on metabolism, mineral homeostasis, and intestinal mucous membrane, as well as other body functions
  • Decrease in the levels of necessary magnesium and calcium
  • Loss of essential elements that are needed for preparing food

Not all minerals or impurities in our water supply are detrimental to our health.

If you really want healthy water, it’s important that your water supply satisfies at least three of the following qualities:

– Contaminant-Free

In other words, filtered water! Clean of all unhealthy toxins, bacteria, viruses, and synthetic materials, this water is safe to drink, and is free of other treatment additives as well, such as chlorine and fluoride.

– Alkaline pH


Your water supply should have an alkaline pH between a ratio of 7.0 and 9.5. This ratio will mean that your water consists of healthy levels of minerals such as magnesium and calcium.

– Antioxidant

Your water supply should have a negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP). Activated through movement in nature (like flowing down a stream) or through electrolysis (through a water ionizer), a negative ORP indicates the presence of H2 molecules, which is concentrated molecular hydrogen. Potent antioxidants, these are easily absorbed and are essential for body functions.

– Mineral Rich

After being distilled, this dead water is brought to life by adding minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium.

However, if you’re getting water from a good source, your water should have naturally-occurring minerals present.

– Good Taste

While, for many people, water doesn’t really have any taste, it’s usually when you drink de-mineralized water that you realize that water actually has a unique flavor to it. For water that’s healthy, it should have a good enough taste to keep you satisfied.

– Hydration

Water should reach your cells and detoxify your body. If your water supply leaves you feeling thirsty, it’s not doing its job.


Worried about Your Water Supply?

Especially if you live in an older home, it could be possible that the water you get might not be of the best quality.

Poor plumbing such as misconnected pipework, sub-standard fittings, and overall poor hygiene can cause your water quality to plummet. Hire a professional plumber so they can keep an eye on your home’s pipe system.

Companies such as Your 1 Plumber FL in Palm Beach County, FL, are available for Residential plumbing repair Palm Beach County and installation services. Learn as much as you can about water quality and take the right steps to retain it. For the sake of your health and your home!