Wooden floors are an investment that you can enjoy for years. They’re long-lasting, timeless and incredibly beautiful, and never really go out of style. However, they’re prone to wear, especially if you’ve had them for a while.

If your floor looks especially scruffy, it might be time for a refinishing job. Wooden floors can be difficult and expensive to maintain, but the professional maintenance is worth every penny. A DIY project could end up costing you a lot more than it would save you.

Reasons to Hire a Professional to Refinish Your Floor

It’s tempting to want to save up on the costs of a professional job by taking on it yourself—after all, it could be hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the space. However, remember there are two major differences between you and a professional contractor:

  • You lack the expertise and skill required to do this
  • You don’t have specialized the equipment needed to pull this job off safely.

Apart from this, there’s a likelihood that a lot of things can go wrong, such as irreversible damage to the floor and a job done poorly. You don’t want your floors looking as scruffy—or even worse off—than they were before.

So what are the reasons you should hire a professional contractor?

1. Difference in Equipment

Their equipment is worth thousands of dollars and far superior than a rental that you’d end up using. Their supplies, machinery, transportation costs and everything is meant to be for high-quality work, which becomes evident when the job is done.

You certainly wouldn’t invest tens of thousands of dollars in a machine that you’ll use maybe once a year or even less. Neither would you have safety gloves, boots, helmets, masks and glasses lying around the house. For them, it’s a requirement.

2. Skill for Sanding and Refinishing

A botched sanding job is a nightmare you can’t wake up from. You run the risk of chipping away the floor, stripping away too much wood or not doing it correctly. Even professional requires years of training and practice in order to execute this successfully.

You could get lucky with a DIY, but is it really a risk worth taking? No internet article or video could train you like a professional.


3. Technique, Quality and Timeline

They have a work method. They refinish hundreds of floors each week and know exactly what to do and how to do it. Time is of the essence and what could take you weeks to do, is a matter of a few hours or days for them.  There’s no competing with the quality of the finished job.

4. Cleanup

You would not be able to handle the mess and the storm of sawdust. Not only is it difficult to clean up, but it can make your space look messy and undone if left behind. This is why professionals are the most reliable for the job.

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