Major plumbing issues don’t pop up all of a sudden. According to plumbing experts, if a pipe has burst in your basement, it is likely due to a clogged drain that was left unattended and poorly maintained pipelines.

Keeping your plumbing system in check and well-maintained can help you avoid unpredictable pipe bursts and other hygiene issues. You need to pay special attention to your pipelines as we move toward colder months.

A minor plumbing issue may turn into a huge problem before you may be able to fix it. When it comes to your plumbing system, no issue is small because each one of them will either burst your pipes, create a foul, unbearable smell or send sewage water back up your drains—all of these are ugly images, we know!

Following are some of the most overlooked plumbing issues:

Leaky Pipes

Your sewage and drainage pipes are not supposed to leak! Leaky pipes not only create pools of sewage water throughout your home but are also a health hazard.

Water through leaky pipes can seep into the foundations and walls of your home rotting them over time. They are also a breeding ground for mold and fungi which can affect the structural strength of your home.

Health hazards of leaky pipes include throat infections, nasal and chest congestions and irritations.

Leaky pipes mean that they aren’t properly installed. It could also mean that they have rusted and are in due time for maintenance. Plumbing pipes when rusted can create holes for the sewage water to seep through.

Dripping Faucets

This is another problem which is overlooked by many homeowners. There are several reasons behind dripping faucets and taps:

  • Improper installation
  • Design fault in its fixture
  • At the end of its operational life

If you let your taps and faucets continuously drip, you’re wasting a precious commodity—water. If you have had a tap dripping for many days now, it has already wasted several gallons of water.


Constant dripping from taps can signify that its adjoining areas are always damp. Any space that is constantly damp and has moisture can be a breeding ground for pest infestations—which can rot the structure of your house from within.

Running Flushes

How many times have you gone to the washroom and found out that the flush was running? We’ve come across this problem way too many times.

While a constantly running flush may not be a huge problem for the structure of your home, it is wasting several gallons of water every single day.

If your flush has been running constantly, it might be a sign of overdue maintenance, erosion or corrosion in the system. All of these lead to low water pressure in plumbing fixtures—which causes your flush to run constantly.

While these problems do not look big when they start to appear, they can give rise to a failed plumbing system in the long run. Book an appointment with one of the most reputable plumbing contractors in Deerfield Beach, Florida—Your 1 Plumber and get your seemingly minor plumbing issues resolved in no time!