In the United States, close to 1,000 deaths occur due to electrical injuries every year. In 2017 alone, around 136 electrical fatalities were reported in workplaces, with hundreds of additional fatalities and injuries going unreported. In 2016, the numbers were even worse, coming to around 1 electrical fatality for every 34 fatalities that occurred.

Most electrical incidents can be prevented by conducting proper maintenance of electrical systems, taking precautions when using electric appliances and outlets, and getting them professionally checked every few months. 

These simple steps can improve the safety and efficiency of the electrical systems of homes and offices, ensuring that appliances run smoothly and outlets are safe to use for everyday needs like charging a phone or making a power smoothie after a morning walk. 

The following are all the steps you should take to properly maintain your electrical system.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Earlier this year,on July 22, 2019, a young girl died doing something perfectly normal: swimming in her family pool. According to the Sacramento Country coroner, the cause of her death was low-voltage electrocution from water submersion. While we couldn’t save this10-year-old child, here’s how we can prevent something like this from happening again: 

  • Water and electricity are NOT friends—make sure you unplug appliances and turn off switches before cleaning a pool, and don’t use electric switches near water.
  • Be careful not to use metal (for example metal ladders) when performing electrical tasks.
  • Put protectors over plugs if you have curious little kids at home. 


Use Electronics Accordingly

To ensure the optimal health of your electric systems, it’s important to avoid plugging in too many things into one circuit. Another thing to be careful about is where you place appliances like juicers and hair tools; avoid putting them under vents that drip or too close to water, like a phone charger near your bathtub or shower. 

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, it’s best to install ground-fault circuit interrupters for all outlets near potentially wet places—these turn off the power immediately in case of a mishap. 

Schedule Regular Professional Electrical Checkups

The best thing you can do to ensure the safety and health of your electrical system is to schedule regular professional checkups—at least every six months or so. 

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