According to research, most roofs have a lifecycle of 12 to 22 years—depending on the kind of roof you have installed in your home. Metal roofs can last up to 22 years, while asphalt and shingle roofs have a lifecycle of 13 and12 years, respectively. 

Roofs are expected to bear a lot of structural stress throughout the year. You expect them to stay put while you go about your business—and they need to, of course. 

However, continuously checking for minor damage such as leaks, cracked or patchy shingles,or poorly installed flashings is a great way to see if it needs repairs. 

If you’re going for a roof replacement soon, the following are some of the things your roofing contractor wants you to know: 

The Cost, Of Course the Cost! 

After the roofing contractor has inspected your roof thoroughly, they will estimate the cost of your reroofing project taking the following things into account: 

  • The size of your roof.
  • The slope and pitch of your roof. 
  • The type of roof and the number of layers it already has. 
  • The type of roofing material you’re opting for. 
  • The roofing system that is installed or needs to be reinstalled. 
  • The roofing contractor’s access to the roof. 

roofer london ONIt is important to ask your roofing contractor for an estimate before they start the project, as you need to know if the costs will fall under your budget or not. 

You can also work with your roofing contractor to see what roofing materials will decrease the cost. We don’t recommend compromising on the strength of your roofing material, though,as that will lead to more roof repairs sooner than you expect—costing you more in the long run! 

The Damage That Has BeenDone To the Roof Over the Years 

In order to make sure your roof completes its expected lifecycle, it is important to understand what can decrease said lifecycle. 

Timely roofing repairs after bad weather or any instance of structural damage are necessary for you to avoid a roof replacement earlier than you should have to. Delaying roof repairs is a guaranteed way to invite frequent roof problems. 

Important Things to Remember During a Re-Roofing Project 

To allow the roofing contractors to work in peace and at a fast pace, the following are some things you need to remember during a roof replacement: 

  • Please don’t stay at home: things might fall off the roof and injure you, your family members,or your pets. 
  • Park your car away from the home: there will be debris—or maybe even tools—falling off the roof throughout the re-roofing project, potentially damaging it in the process. 
  • Protect your belongings: if you have a glass table, you should consider moving it to a safe place and away from the worksite. Moreover, you should cover your furniture if you’re not removing it. 

If you know that your roof has completed its lifecycle, get in touch with Himalaya Group Corp to schedule a roof replacement today! One of the leading roofing contractors in London, they’ll help you out with whatever queries you may have about replacing your residential roof in London, Ontario!