Brand image is a mix of the associations and experiences your clients have with your brand. This is an important realization, as most companies singularly focus on polishing their products and services, forgetting to focus on the image they are developing in the market.

While a flashy office building and employee dress code play a huge part in determining what clients think of your brand, there are smaller things that matter more and leave a long-lasting impression.

What Should Your Brand Image Say About Your Business?

Developing a unique brand image is important if you want to stand out among competitors. This is how it works: When customers look at your logo, business card or tagline, they should be able to immediately think of your company, without having to look at your name.

Think of Apple and Google’s brand image. Users don’t have to ask what brand they’re looking at when using their products and services. They know instinctively.

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You need to build a unique identity in small ways. Here’s how:

Self-Reflection through Your Logo

Getting your logo right is important—that includes making it uniquely identifiable and trendy. Leading international companies constantly update and redesign their logo—without moving away from its distinctive motifs—to showcase their aim, services, values, and mission.

Think of these factors, and your customer base, when redesigning your logo.

Branding Through Office Stationery

This might seem small, almost a negligible detail, but it leaves your customers thinking of your company.

Customized office stationery such as memo cards, pens and booklets can be given as souvenirs to your visitors and employees.

Focusing on the small things highlights a culture of attention to detail. It can also help you make a good first impression on any client, as it shows your professionalism and credibility.

Welcome Customers in a Clean Office

While maintaining a clean office improves productivity and contributes to a healthy work culture for employees, it also makes prospective employees and customers feel happy about their visit. A scattered and dingy office makes visitors feel uncomfortable and suffocated, making them ditch the idea of visiting you again.

An immaculately clean office helps you develop a reputable and unique brand image. If you have worked hard on your social media presence, your online brand image and your services, you should also give your customers a nice and flashy physical space to associate with your company.

This develops a unique brand image that customers will remember you by. By focusing on these small details, you can expect the customers to pay a visit to your office again and again.

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