Need help designing your new home or renovating your apartment? When it comes to flooring, white oak hardwood is an unbeatable choice! Here’s what you need to know about one of the most popular forms of wood flooring.

What is White Oak?

White oak wood comes from a species of deciduous trees that are native to North America, Central America, Mexico and southeastern Canada.

White oak hardwood flooring has a light brown color with a gray or pink cast. Its grains are open with soft swirls or crotches on it, although the patterns can vary depending on the machine used to craft them. Overall, white oak hardwood is pretty versatile and adapts to a variety of climate settings. It’s also more durable than its red counterpart.

Where Can White Oak Be Used?

White oak has been a popular flooring choice for its timeless appeal and strength. Its most common applications include interior flooring, furniture, paneling, coffins, crates and boxes. Many wine companies prefer using white oak boxes as storage barrels since they allow the wine to develop a unique taste.


White oak is one of the most durable forms of hardwood out there. It can be manufactured as solid planks or with a veneered surface for engineered floors. The advantage of solid planks is that they can be refinished and sanded multiple times, so they’re sure to last you for several decades. Engineered hardwood planks can also be sanded for up to 5 times easily.


White oak is very easy to work with. Sanding white oak planks is quite simple and can take various finishing styles well. You can install it any way you like; glue, nail or staple.

Where to Use

White oak has a warm, luxurious appeal that looks good in most residential settings; just make sure to avoid it in places with high humidity, like bathrooms. You can install white oak in your bedroom, lounge or kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you have young children or pets in your home; white oak is fairly scratch and traffic-resistant. If you like, you can cover your white oak floors with rugs or position pads underneath the furniture to keep it protected from wear and tear for longer.

Maintenance and Care

When it comes to hardwood flooring, scratches from spikes, dents from weighted impact and surface fade from fluid spills are common concerns. However, white oak is one of the easiest hardwood floorings to maintain. Make sure to wipe away any dust and spills before it stains. Regular sweeping, mopping or vacuuming is all you really need to keep your floor in top condition.

Environmental Impact

White oak matures relatively faster and is deemed a sustainable resource. You can get in touch with hardwood specialists Oak and Broad to order your white oak hardwood planks. They source all hardwood from within the US so you can be sure that your planks are being forested and logged legally and responsibly.

Feel free to contact Oak and Broad here. You can consult them on plank designs, receive samples and have them guide your contractors during the installation process.