Many homeowners aspire to cut back on electrical bills, but few do so successfully. Reducing reliance on energy does not just take lifestyle adjustments, but also investments in smarter appliances.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average American household was using 914 kWh per month. Electrical utilities cost Texans 1.70% of their annual salary—typically, $950 per year.

There are two common reasons for wanting to reduce electricity bills: conserving the environment and saving money. If you’ve decided that you want to drive down your electricity bill, below are a few ways you can achieve this.

Making LifestyleAdjustments

Making lifestyle adjustments includes being wary of the things utilize the most energy. One thing you need to keep in mind is conserving energy wherever you can. A few examples of this could be:

1. Using Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans help circulate air in your living space, and cost less than air conditioners. This also takes the pressure off air conditioners to do all the cooling.

2. Reduce Phantom Loads

According to a study, conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association, 75% of electricity is used on appliances that are plugged-in, but powered off. These include TVs, computers and kitchen appliances. You’ll have to get into the habit of switching off the plugs.


Using Smarter Methods of Energy Conservation

Apart from changing your consumption habits, you can also install appliances that make it easier to conserve energy.

1. Weatherizing Your Home

This is a great way to reduce your expenses. To do this, it’s important to make sure there aren’t any air-leaks in your home. Sealing such leaks usually suffices. For leaks in walls and windows, it’s helpful to apply caulk to seal them— for cracks in moving objects, you can invest in weather-stripping.

2. Invest in Energy Efficient Appliances

One way you can efficiently cut back on your electricity bills is by buying appliances that do not require a lot of energy to operate. While these appliances might cost more in the beginning, they have 25% lower operating costs than conventional appliances.

When purchasing items, look for appliances with ENERGY STAR labels that mean the appliance will use less energy. An example would be refrigerators that carry this label use about 9% less energy.

3. Installing Dimmer Switches

These are cost-effective since they allow you to reduce the light output, meaning that they not only save you money on electric bills, but also ensure that the bulbs last longer.

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