The last thing you’d expect to see is mold on your mother’s 20-year-old evening gown. A gorgeous black dress; it had always been your dream to wear it.

But sometimes, dreams don’t come true—especially when they’re 20-years old, with mold on the front.

You sit in silence, trying to understand what went wrong. You had kept it inside a suitcase for a year after having to move. But the dress wasn’t out in the open. How could this have happened? And the million dollar question is: do you have to throw it away?

The Long Route: Bleaching

Bleaching a black dress is a long process. It’s because you’ll then have to get the dress re-dyed. This can also take hours because you’ll have to soak the dress in the bleach solution until the stains fade away and the mold is removed.

But this depends on the severity of the stains and the type of dress. If it’s a white dress, bleaching might help. But bleaching clothes isn’t recommended because it’s not safe for the environment and it won’t remove the stain properly either!

Vinegar, Vinegar, and Vinegar

If the mold has just started to spread and the stains aren’t as visible, then soaking the dress in vinegar can help reduce their prominence.

But remember that vinegar doesn’t always work and it all depends on how bad the stains are. On the other hand, vinegar does have anti-fungal properties so it can help prevent the mold from spreading onto the rest of the dress, or on your other clothes.



Borax is a natural fungal cleanser. It can help prevent the mold from spreading but that doesn’t guarantee that it’ll remove the stains and mold completely.

Borax can help you salvage the dress by lessening the appearance of mold. If the mold is green in color, the color will fade. But the mold will still remain. And the odor will stay as well.

Hire a Professional Service

The problem with DIYs is that once the stain and mold have settled in, it’s difficult to remove them. So, what should you do? Send your dress to the dry cleaner’s, of course!

A professional has the expertise, tools, and equipment to remove all kinds of stains and mold.

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