Hardwood plank floors have been around for scores of years, but experts believe sales in the hardwood industry may go up by 3 to 7 percent this year. Hardwood Flooring in demand for most new homes and commercial properties, thanks to their warm and luxurious appeal.

However, there is a new type of flooring that’s shaping up to be a serious competitor to hardwood. Laminate flooring is becoming popular in the residential market, but is it a better choice than our trusty hardwood flooring?

Here are a few traits and features you must keep in mind before selecting them for your home or office floors.

1. Composition

The most apparent difference between hardwood floors and laminates is that they come in varying thickness, material, finish and geometry.

Hardwood is all-natural; it’s solid wood. Each plank is about ¾th of an inch, although there are companies that can customize hardwood plank sizes according to your preferences. Meanwhile, laminate floors feature a hard fiberboard at their core and are manufactured in factories. They’re finished with an aluminum oxide coating as per the standard procedure. That means if you’re looking to customize your interior then unfinished hardwood flooring will be a better option. You can always choose the stain and exact color.

2. Installation

Laminates come with a click-and-lock mechanism that makes them easy to install. However, the wrong cut or sanding technique can lay your entire plank to waste because they need to fit together like a puzzle. Hardwood, on the other hand, is less complicated to install. You have the option to lay them out in a simple or geometrically complex design. Just hand it over to the professionals and you’ll have a beautiful floor in no time!

3. Durability

When it comes to wear and tear, hardwood is the clear winner here.

Laminates come with a UV-resistant coating that gives its surface a clean finish. However, once the surface is worn out, it’s harder to repair. Hardwood is more versatile. Depending on the type you select, you can protect your floor from the effects of humidity or color fading from sunlight. Plus, even if you notice scratches or abrasions on your hardwood, it’s not a thing to worry about because your planks can be refinished and sanded multiple times!

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