Silverfish can usually be found in damp, dark corners of your house—so attics and basements are their favorite places to nest. And while they pose no harm to us, they’redisastrous for your books, clothing, and any starch-containing products.

They infest your basement very slowly, but are very tough to get rid of once they do. So let’s go through some methods to prevent these creepy nightmares from establishing a foothold in your place.

Decreased Humidity

Since silverfish thrive in moist areas, a dehumidifier will keep them at bay by making theenvironment less friendly for these pests.

You should also get any leaky pipes fixed and keep your shower area dry. You can also place packets of silica in the corners of your shelves and cupboards to remove all moisture from the air.

Decreased Humidity

Proper Food Storage

Silverfish get attracted by food like cereal, pasta, sugar, and pet food. You should make sure you seal such foods in airtight containers. Plus, watch out for anyfood that’s infested with silverfish!

De-clutterany old newspapers and magazines, as they’rean ideal food source for silverfish!

Seal the Holes

You should make sure that there are no holes or cracks in your walls, as they serve as anentry point for silverfish. If your wallpaper is peeling in places, repair or remove it, as the starchy glue will be a treat for silverfish to feast on.

Regulate Temperature

Keep the interior of your house warm. Temperatures above 80degrees will remove moisture from the air. Additionally, silverfish thrive in lower temperatures, so they will not find your house an ideal place to infest.

Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth

This is a crumbly powder that contains diatoms; a class of algae. As soon as this powder establishes contact with silverfish, their outer waxy coating gets destroyed and they lose their moisture. This killsthem. You can sprinkle it around the house to prevent an infestation.

However, if you’ve already noticed a couple of silverfish in your house, then you probably have an infestation problem on yourhands. And once theytake root, it’s tough to get rid of without professional help.

So while you can try spice packets, boric acids and commercial traps to protect your house, it’sbetter to hire a professional who is trained to remove the infestation in record time. Call Xterminatorin Columbus, OH on 614-935-3973 and let them deal with the pest problem on the same day!