You already know that dry cleaning isn’t really dry; the term is actually a misnomer. The process involves the use of liquid solvents to efficiently remove stains and soil build-up. And while it’s highly efficient for cleaning and washing fabrics, the same can’t be said for its effects on human and environmental health.

This is why eco-friendly laundry services are becoming increasingly popular. Green alternatives are as effective as traditional methods, but don’t have chemicals containing Perchloroethylene (PERC). Here are three ways in which greener solutions contribute to a safer and healthier environment.

They Don’t Leave a Carbon Footprint

Alternative dry cleaning methods that convert carbon dioxide into a liquid form and then back to gas and so on are least harmful to the environment. Unlike PERC, CO2 cleaning doesn’t involve harmful toxins spreading in the air or accumulating in the human body. Even though the machinery for carbon dioxide cleaning method is expensive, with more awareness, we can expect to see easy accessibility and price drops.

They Use Water and Biodegradable Detergents

Benign substitutes to traditional laundry ensure a reduction in the use of toxic chemicals, as biodegradable detergents are being used. The method uses a computer controlled machine to effectively use water and detergent for better results.

This not only improves the cleaning company’s bottom line—both financially and socially—but also delivers exceptional results.

They Don’t Release Toxins in Water

The chlorocarbons that are used in dry cleaning, along with PERC, are pervasive pollutants. Their remnants can be found in water, air, and soil. The residual amounts can easily enter a human body by inhalation or drinking the affected water. As a ‘likely human carcinogen,’ PERC can attack a human’s nervous system if it gets in the blood.

Since eco-friendly solutions use non-toxic and organic solvents¸ there’s no chance that they’ll cause the same amount of damage to land, water or human health.

So next time you decide to go to a dry cleaning service that doesn’t use green laundry and dry cleaning solutions, think about the damage and consequences. It’s never too late to make the switch to a better, greener alternative.

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