When it comes to comfort, outdoor patio furniture has somewhat of a reputation: it’s either too uncomfortable or so comfortable that you don’t want to get back up.

Deep-seat chairs are an example of the latter!

The Lowdown on Deep Seat Chairs

Featuring low frames and extra-thick cushions, deep seat chairs are the most popular kind of seating for outdoor patios.

However, when it comes to purchasing—and later replacing—them, there’s a caveat.

Because of their design, deep seat cushions are fluffier than regular cushions. But over time, they often deflate. 

To make matters worse, when people take measurement to have the seat replaced, they often mistake the seat size for something much smaller. So when the cushion is stuffed with a new foam core, it ends up looking lumpy and uncomfortable. And that messes up the look of the deep seat chair.

So let’s remedy this error!

outdoor patio chair

The Right Way to Measure Deep Seat Chairs

According to the experts at PatioHQ, a leading name in the affordable outdoor patio furniture, there are three measurements you need to take when ordering deep seat chair cushions:

  • Total width
  • Seat depth
  • Back height

A common mistake people make is measuring the cushions instead of the actual chair. 

What You Should Do

– Know Your Dimensions

For the back height, measure the chair from its base (the bottom) up to the top. For the seat depth, measure from back to front, whereas for the width, inside the chair from right to left. 

– Decide on the Right Thickness

The average thickness of a deep seat chair is 4–8 inches, give or take an inch. But this can change depending on the sort of fill you choose. Companies like PatioHQ have a standard and higher quality foams, so it’s best to ask for a professional’s advice before placing your order.


Especially with deep seat chairs that are oddly-shaped, send a photo or a template pattern to your cushion maker so they have a point of reference. This will not only ensure accurate design, but it’ll also give you the assurance that your investment won’t be wasted.