There aren’t any hard and fast aesthetic rules when it comes to designing the perfect outdoor patio!

You can go all out and imitate the Red Queen’s Garden ala Alice in Wonderland, or go simple and design your patio to resemble a tiny, floral slice of Eden. However, you want it is completely up to you.

But if you don’t have a big budget to support your big dreams, there’s still a way to get what you want—by adding small, unique furniture for oomph, and outdoor seating a cosy feeling!

Here’s What You Need

First things first, low seating doesn’t mean you can toss a few cushions here and there and call it a day!

Bohemian-styled alfresco seating should give off a serious casual vibe while maintaining an elegant, luxurious look. Here’s how you can do just that!

– Mix Things Up

Companies such as PatioHQ offer a range of pillows (and replacement cushions, in case you get bored), so there’s really no need to limit yourself to one-size pillows. Add flat cushions, kidney pillows, and lumbar pillows for some back support. Create your seating in a corner or in a sunken part of the patio so there’s something to lean on.

outdoor couch

– Take Inspiration from Japan

Japanese floor seating involves something called a chabudai. With seats or pillows surrounding a short-legged table that’s often used in traditional Japanese homes—this gives the low-seating arrangement purpose and makes it a lot more comfortable.

– Choose Seating with Backs

If you can’t find low-seating with built-in backs, search for deep seats with shorter legs. While seats with built-in backs are easy to find, if you choose to have the arrangement in the centre of your patio, these seats don’t get any support and sag with time.

Instead, choose furniture with shorter legs—as opposed to something that touches the floor directly—so there’s something you can ease into.

comfy patio

– Maximize the Comfort Factor

Create a small, secluded corner. Add an outdoor patio umbrella (choose a cantilever umbrella so there’s no obstruction in the middle), add a sunken fire pit in the middle, and buy outdoor rugs to protect yourself from any critters and bugs. String up some fairy lights and use a vertical trellis to section off the arrangement.

Take the Chance!

There’s so much you can do to take the setting of your nook to the next level!

Exercise your creative skills, buy affordable outdoor patio furniture from companies such as PatioHQ and add some plants while you’re at it. Make your outdoor patio an oasis of comfort!