The numerous self-help videos available on the internet might trick you into believing that DIY-ing a garage door repair is a good idea that’ll help you save a huge sum of money.

But what you don’t know is that garage doors can be extremely dangerous. Their heavy weight and complex parts can cause serious injuries. You might even end up making a small problem in your garage door system much worse.

So, here are some reasons why you should never try DIY garage door repairs and always call in a professional for help.

The Garage Door Might Fall

A garage door is extremely heavy, weighing over a hundred pounds; wooden garage doors are much heavier. Imagine the damage it can cause if it drops on top of your car’s hood or windshield.

Automobile body damage, glass replacement and engine repair cost a lot more garage door repair.

In addition, you can also risk injuring yourself. Balancing a faulty garage door while standing on a ladder can lead to a serious fall.

Torsion Springs can Release

Most grade doors come with torsion springs. These heavy torsion springs can wind up when the garage door is closed with force.

If an inexperienced person tries to repair it without the proper tools, the heavy springs can release from the hinges, causing severe injuries.

You’ll End up Losing Money

Garage door repairs usually don’t cost that much. Though, repair costs are subjective to damage, repairing garage doors is a lot more affordable than other home repair services.

As labor rates are comparatively lower and garage door parts are cheap, hiring a professional to perform the repair won’t cost you a lot.

On the other hand, by trying to fix the issue yourself, you might cause more damage or void your warranty. For instance, fixing an off-track door is simple for a professional, but it can also cause the entire panel of the garage door to come crashing down.

You Might Misdiagnose the Problem

A garage door system consists of several intricate parts. For an inexperienced person, it’s difficult to tell which part is loose or broken. By replacing the wrong part, you will waste your time and money without fixing the actual problem.

It’s better to call in a professional right from the beginning to diagnose and solve any issues with your garage door.

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