Budget? Your particular needs? A peculiar garden space? Nothing can stand in the way of an elegant, well-designed garden space if you have the right landscaper on your side. This becomes even more imperative when the cold seasons and strong gales are approaching—and there isn’t really much you can do about it yourself.

It’s before the winter that you should aerate, plant seeds, condition the soil, mow, trim, fertilize, pull out the weeds, work on disease prevention, water, winterize and sprinkle, cut back on perennials, and do so much more. Sounds overwhelming? That isn’t half of what needs to be done.

And winter is coming.

Pulling Out the Weeds

Many people start pulling weeds out at an angle—it’s only natural, but that’s not how it should be done. Weeds should always be pulled out straight, because doing so otherwise makes them break midway and you don’t pull them out completely.

If it isn’t possible to pull them out by the roots, at the very least cut their heads off. These aggressive invaders have no place in a well-tended garden. And never leave them lying lazily atop your garden soil with the hopes that they’ll wither. Their seeds can sprout even then.

Mowing and Trimming

Lawn Mowing and Trimming

The two most obvious procedures on the list, right-before-winter is actually a great time to mow and trim, especially if your grass is dry. On the other hand, if the grass is wet and full of moisture, their blades will be bent, and it’s difficult to cut blades that don’t stand straight.


One of the most important steps that most people miss out on in their pre-winter lawn planning is winterizing the grass. It’s actually pretty easy and cost-effective. Winterizing lawn grass is basically preparing it for a lush green turf in the spring. Get a Winterizer from your go-to store (always check for potassium on the label, because a high potassium content distinguishes them from other fertilizers) for the job. This high potassium content is essential to make your plants sturdy and cold-resistant. Winterize are designed mostly for grasses that grow in the cool seasons—such as bluegrass, which also grows in Kansas—which makes them a great treat for these grasses in the fall.


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Remember: Hutchinson is no stranger to bitter winter, and it isn’t far, so prepare well!